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The AgreeNet Solution

There is a way to improve performance dramatically – personally, professionally
or across the enterprise. It’s simple to do and the results will be immediate and
dramatic. It’s called “Agreement Management” but quite simply it is a wonderful
way to organize and manage your commitments; Things that you have promised
to others and things that have been promised to you. This is the secret to the
success of hundreds of very high achieving organizations and individuals. Please
register to learn more about AgreeNet, a web based service for creating,
negotiating and managing agreements.

Features and Benefits

  • Create and negotiate agreements
    of all kinds
  • Simple, intuitive web interface
  • Track commitments you have
    made to others
  • Track what others owe you
  • Managed all emails, documents
    and other related objects
  • Personalized notifications
    of events, status changes,
  • Accurately record details
    and progress of agreements
  • Avoid disagreements
    and missed expectations
  • Reduce missed commitments
    and unclear agreements
  • Report on status of all
    agreements, tasks, missed
  • Manage performance of
    organization, customers
    and suppliers

What is Agreenet?What is agreement Management?

Free Trial

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Recent News

03-27-2009 Final beta candidate test commences, for a May release of AgreeNet v1.5. Learn more

03-11-2009 Agreenet announces free AgreeNet personal edition 30 day trial. Learn more

01-15-2009 AgreeNet begins a project with Stanford University to define core industry vertical strategy. Learn more